A Four-Part Series that Introduces The Birth and Evolution of S. H. World Chocolate™ Inc.

Updated: May 8

"This is a GOOD NEWS Story! Feel free to send the below S. H. World Chocolate™ introductions to your family, friends, and associates to share our domestic and global initiatives and invite them to learn more about S. H. World Chocolate products, corporate gifts and venture opportunities. This Thanksgiving, Christmas and into the New Year we share the sweetest opportunities of a lifetime!" - Jack Craciun III

The information contained herein is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.

Part One

S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. Going Global with ITM Ltd.

Growing since Day One after Purchasing the Assets of Chocolate Creations in September 2021, S. H. World Chocolate began to Build upon its Full USA Vertical Integration of Equipment Manufacturing, Custom Molds, Product and Service to Better Serve its Domestic & Global Objectives

The S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. News Stories are a Multi-Cultural USA, China, Africa and India, Erie Chinese Journal GRAND SLAM Four Part Feature Story Series

Introducing you to S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc., its Chairman/CEO, Scott Huckestein, its Executive Chairman and Global Expansion & Finance Director, Jack Craciun III, also the Chairman/CEO of the ITM (Group);  Dr. Tang Jinlong 唐金龍博士and the ITM-CFIG (China Finance & Industry Group) Strategic Alliance;  the four new S. H. World Chocolate merger / acquisition entities, and The Future of Medicine Foundation Ltd™, its global non-profit affiliations with the National Health Federation and Foundation for Health Research, and the very successful 2021 World Leader Summitfeaturing the Second Annual “The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Two-day Conference and Doctors Forum: Protecting Health, Health Freedom, and Returning Health to Humanity Around the World”, sponsored by S.H. World Chocolate™, Inc.

Special note:  Meet Dr. Tang Jinlong 唐金龍博士and other ITM (China) Associates Ren Xiaofeng 任晓峰 & “Pat” Bi Io Weng 毕耀潁, the Anmai Company, and hear their thoughts on China and S. H. World Chocolate™!

Since its birth last summer, S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. (SHWC) established by Scott Huckestein and Jack Craciun III, has completed convertible loans, equipment and custom mold manufacturing sales, in addition to wholesale, retail, private label and corporate gift product sales, all featuring renowned SHWC chocolate formulations. SHWC has grown far beyond their greatest expectations and it continues growing in every category every day!

Meet “The Chocolate King”

Founder, Scott Huckestein


Co-Founder: Jack Craciun III

Founders of S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.

Meet S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.,  Established August 17, 2021

Following the close of Scott’s previous company, Chocolate Creations, due to the Covid19 pandemic, his new team has purchased its assets and established the new company, S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. In association with ITM (US) Ltd. and its Chairman/CEO Jack Craciun III, Scott Huckestein has now established three new companies, including, but not to be limited to, S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. (a company that manufactures, markets and merchandises its proprietary formulations and chocolate product brands), S.H. WC, Inc. Asset Management Division, and World Chocolate, Inc. Manufacturing Division in which we welcome ITM Associate Phil Salem as Co-founder and President (Chocolate Processing Equipment, Custom Molded Chocolate, Custom Branded Chocolate, White Label (Private Label) Chocolate Product Design and Production and Wholesale Chocolate Products.).

S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. and ITM are now in the process of establishing S. H. World Chocolate Holdings, Inc. (in organization as the parent company of all S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. wholly owned subsidiaries) and the World Chocolate Trading Division, Inc., a wholesale product distribution company transacting in the sale of products including but not limited to: highly nutritious chocolate commodity product lines, Organic / non-organic cacao beans, cacao butters, chocolate liquor, full lines of chocolate manufacturing and processing equipment, parts, and services.)

The global future of S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. is now interwoven withfour merger / acquisition opportunities, the establishment of the World Chocolate Trading Division Inc., and the marketing of ITM Master Territory Licensing Programs.

Merger / Acquisitions (in organization):

In the first year of growing new domestic and international assets, S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. will implement an aggressive mergers / acquisitions program in association with ITM Ltd. (Group).  The following group of world-class chocolate brands have expressed earnest interest to merge and ultimately be acquired by S. H. World Chocolate™:

SmartLife Chocolate whose Founder / Chairman, Barry Gasaway, longtime friend of Scott Huckestein, was the USA entrepreneur / chocolatier who, in 2008, was the first to nutritionally enrich naturally healthy chocolate originating from West Africa for sale in the USA (view the SmartLife product’s 60 second TV commercial produced and endorsed by Kevin Harrington, original Shark Tank Shark, of Shark Discoveries Company); Frosted Frootes of the UK and South Africa, established by longtime ITM (Group) associates, Geoffrey Bond of the UK and Mark DeJohn of the USA.  Geoff and Mark, who is on the Board of Advisors of the ITM Group have invited Jack Craciun III, to become a member of the Board of Directors and a Consultant / Advisor of Frosted Frootes Holdings Ltd.  Other merger/acquisition opportunities include an innovative new wine tasting chocolate bars brand, and a legendary confectionary company established in Cleveland, Ohio nearly 125 years ago.

New Trading Division and Master Territory Licensing programs (in organization):

Allow us to introduce you to the World Chocolate Trading Division Inc. and domestic and international ITM Master Territory Licensing Program(s) and our leading associate of ITM and World Chocolate in the markets of West Africa, Blandin Akakpo, Chairman/CEO of BKA Investment & Holdings.


Blandin Koffivi Akakpo


BKA Investment & Holdings

The ITM / BKA Strategic Alliance is planned to become the exclusive S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. African Master Territory Licensee with pre-approved sublicensing rights to market business opportunities and merchandise, brand, distribute and sell the products and services of S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc. throughout the continent of Africa and its 54 English, French, Portuguese and African language speaking nations. In addition, the ITM/BKA Strategic Alliance’s Master Territory License will serve as the exclusive sales representative of S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.’s manufactured production lines of chocolate processing and bean to bar equipment throughout the territory of Africa.

Part Two S. H. World Chocolate™ Inc. is Going Global with the ITM / The China Finance & Industry Group Strategic Alliance, The Future of Medicine Foundation and The World Leader Summit

“Throughout history, Cross Cultural Exchange is the number one producer of prosperity on earth. And I've now proven that when you add chocolate, it only gets better!” - Jack Craciun III

S. H. World Chocolate™ Founder Scott Huckestein and his team, working closely with ITM Chairman/CEO and S. H. World Chocolate™ Co-Founder Jack Craciun III and his ITM (US) associates, have successfully begun to reestablish the USA platform of highly successful vertically integrated assets of S. H. World Chocolate™, in Hartville, Ohio and to market the assets initially into the USA. Working together, they have established three new companies led by the formation of S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.

The plan is to grow the new companies, including World Chocolate Retail Division and the World Chocolate Trading Division, into global markets rocketing from a USA platform initially into ITM associate territories of Africa, China, and India, via ITM Master Territory Licensing Programs that will duplicate in foreign markets the A to Z vertically integrated culture of S. H. World Chocolate™ USA assets.

Dedicated to global business development initiatives, Jack Craciun III and Dr. Tang Jinlong established the ITM – China Finance & Industry Group Strategic Alliance, affiliated with the renowned Dehuai Law Firm of Beijing China. Our focus is to take China industry and investors into global markets, beginning with the USA, and to market foreign investment and products into China via the ITM-CFIG USA-China Culture & Investment Cross Cultural Exchange Programs.

Meet Dr. Tang Jinlong 唐金龍博士 and ITM (China) Associates Ren Xiaofeng 任晓峰 & “Pat” Bi Io Weng 毕耀潁, the Anmai Company, and hear their thoughts on

China and S. H. World Chocolate™!

ITM BIO: Dr. Tang Jinlong (Golden Dragon) 唐金龍博士 Founder / Chairman, China Finance and Industry Group (CFIG)

Chairman, Dehuai Law Firm, Founder, ITM-CFIG Strategic Alliance

ITM-2018-2019 First Year Anniversary Summary of ITM-China Finance & Industry Group (CFIG) Strategic Alliance Accomplishments: http://itmltd.com/ITM-2018-2019-First-Year-Anniversary-Summary-ITM-China-Finance-Industry-Group-(CFIG)-Strategic-Alliance-Accomplishments.pdf Special Note: Below are responses from Dr. Tang Jinlong and long-time ITM China Associates Pat Weng of Macau, China SAR and Ren Xiaofeng of Guangzhou City, China to ITM’s recent introduction of pictures, videos, brochures, and written insights referencing winding down the old Chocolate Creations and establishing the new group of companies led by S.H. World Chocolate™. Inc: http://itmltd.com/Dr.-Tang-response-to-ITM-S.H.-World-Chocolate-Inc-developments.m4a ITM Associates Pat Weng and Ren Xiaofeng: Exporting Product into China?  ITM Associates Ren & Pat have created the now government authorized software, ANMAI Cross Border China Ecommerce, to expedite importing and shipping into China. ITM, transacting in nutrition supplementation, was the first to test the ANMAI platform's power to expedite with cost efficiencies! Introduction to our proprietary ANMAI Cross Border China Ecommerce Retail Import authorized Software Program: http://itmltd.com/ANMAI-Cross-Border-China-Ecommerce-Retail-Import.pdf

From Ren & Pat: Jack, we agree with Dr. Tang Jinlong, the chocolate business in China is interesting and will be great! Jack, as a member of the ANMAI Company, you know we have great progress in the cross-border e-commerce business of our company ANMAI. Good news for us, we also set up a contact with Meiyijia, the biggest convenience chain store group in China. We will cooperate with their online resources (10+ million members) to sell snacks from global. We think chocolate is a great item to promote – we wait for you and chocolate business for China.

Part Three

The 2021 World Leader Summit

Second Annual: The Future of Medicine Foundation™

Two Day Conference and Doctors’ Forum,

Protecting Health, Health Freedom, and Returning Health to Humanity Around the World.”

Sponsored by: S. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.

World Leader Summit is the biggest professional and networking

conference for entrepreneurs and leaders around the world

(WLS Features 120+ speakers from 90+ nations and awards 100 +

business owners, professionals and industry leaders).

The World Leader Summit Presents:

The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Second Annual

Two-day Conference & Doctors Forum

Introducing the History, Evolution and Accomplishments

of the National Health Federation and Nutrition-based Medicine

Excerpt from Dr. Richard Kunin’s acceptance letter to join with The Future of Medicine Foundation™: And of equal importance, I am very proud to join with you and the prestigious Future of Medicine Foundation™ medical team members and business leaders you have brought together to advance global recognition, acceptance and advocacy within consumer markets for the disease prevention and lifesaving attributes of Orthomolecular, Integrative, and Functional Medicine and the premier global institutions that work to protect our rights to nutrition and nutrition-based medicine, the National Health Federation and the Foundation for Health Research. Once established as globally respected brands, the National Health Federation, ISOM, and other like-minded institutions, in league with The Future of Medicine Foundation™ and the members of its medical team and business leaders, will successfully serve with sustainability to merge nutrition-based medicine more fully into mainstream medicine. This will undoubtedly lead to a marked improvement of world health and a restoration of Health to Humanity. – Richard A. Kunin, M.D.

The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Two Day Conference and Doctors’ Forum

S. H. World Chocolate™, and The Future of Medicine Foundation™ Ltd. are dedicated to helping grow the World Leader Summit, founded by Arijit Bhattacharyya, into global market impacts and viewing audiences via the ITM produced “The Future of Medicine Foundation™ (TFMF)/NHF Conference and Doctor’s Forum” events.  TFM Foundation events will also help to grow production values and global audience marketing initiatives focused upon the promotion of The Future of Medicine Foundation™, NHF & FHR Fundraising and Marketing campaigns, including Sponsorship, Membership, and Donor Programs.

Day one, Nov. 8th:  Presenting the NHF / FHR / Health Freedom News, introducing the history of NHF, its birth, evolution, accomplishments, and its future to a global viewing audience with historical insights into the influence of Dr. Richard Kunin. Begin viewing at 5:52:01:

Day two, Nov. 9th:  Presenting the Founders of Orthomolecular Medicine (Nutrition-based Medicine) and introducing the history and influence of Dr. Richard Kunin on ISOM, its birth, evolution, accomplishments, and its future to a global viewing audience.

Part Four Jack Craciun III Appointed Executive Director of Marketing and Fundraising for the National Health Federation

and the Foundation for Health Research

At this time in history when so many lives are being threatened and lost to disease and our health-freedom rights are being tyrannically trampled around the world, it is an honor to have the opportunity to serve the National Health Federation in its mission to protect the health and health freedom of the seven billion people on earth. I find it so unfortunate that almost all of humanity has very little to no knowledge of their health freedom rights and, most importantly, how crucial the knowledge and preservation of their health freedom rights are to their quality of life! – Jack Craciun III

(Content of announcement transcribed below images)

From Health Freedom News, Fall 2021: Vol. 39 / No. 3:    The National Health Federation has welcomed Mr. John J. (“Jack”) Craciun III to the Advisory Boards of the National Health Federation and its sister organization, the Foundation for Health Research (FHR), and is pleased to announce his appointment to the position of Executive Director of Marketing and Fundraising for both organizations.             Jack Craciun III is Chairman and CEO of both ITM Ltd. (Group of Cos.) and the non-profit, The Future of Medicine Foundation™ (TFMF).  A globally recognized China Specialist, Jack’s work in FM Radio, media communications, cross-cultural exchange, and third-world economic development has redefined international consumer product manufacturing and branding. His humanitarian initiatives perpetuate the pioneering spirit of his family name, “Craciun,” Romanian for “Christmas.      Jack’s leadership helped birth the first commercially successful FM radio station, WNCR- FM in Cleveland, Ohio, the establishment of the first national FM radio station network, and the first national radio/television simulcast, “In Concert”, through a network of 37 major market radio and TV stations established by ABC. WNCR’s success gave it the ability to break into mainstream media and fracture corrupt US big business, mainstream media and government by breeding corporate and consumer activism that led to the Environmental Movement in America and then around the world.   Jack spent over 23 years pioneering in China to help build a nation that would become the world’s number two economy.  He believes cross-cultural exchange has been the key to expanding global prosperity throughout history.  As economist Otto C. Mallery once said, “If soldiers are not to cross international boundaries on missions of war, goods must cross them on missions of peace.” That peaceful trade was Jack’s goal.

In 2020, Jack founded TFMF, made up of global business and medical leaders dedicated to “Return Health to Humanity” by educating the public, business and healthcare industry leaders through good science and newsworthy facts that prove the importance of Orthomolecular Medicine’s application of nutrition to prevent and / or cure disease. TFMF’s mission is inspired by the legacy of the late Richard A. Kunin, M.D., former NHF Vice President and Member of the Board of Governors, who was a pioneer of Orthomolecular medicine. His life’s work blazed trails are the essence of the future of medicine. Dr. Kunin accepted the position of TFMF Honorary Director and Member of the Board of Advisors before his death in 2021.    NHF President Scott C. Tips and the other members of the NHF Board of Governors are pleased that Jack has joined the NHF team with such enthusiasm and are looking forward to many great achievements from his work.

S. H. World Chocolate™, ITM, and The Future of Medicine Foundation™

Set a Global Example byExpanding Entrepreneurship with

Social Service and the Food of the Gods - Chocolate!

Theinitiatives of The Future of Medicine Foundation™, ITM andS. H. World Chocolate™, Inc.are focused on working together to set a lasting global example by expanding entrepreneurship with social service, working with other for-profit companies around the world and a group of unique non-profit entities and media program producers, dedicated to delivering sustainable global recognition & economic resources to the National Health Federation, themost powerful and influential advocate of health and health freedom policies that directly affect 7 billion people worldwide.

Scott Huckestein andJack Craciun are dedicated to the formulation of economical, high quality healthy chocolate products, and producing exceptionally efficient global product branding programs that benefit select non-profit agencies. The global for-profit and non-profit affiliations of Jack and The Future of Medicine Foundation™ will serve as a major complement to non-profit fundraising and marketing via the branding and merchandising of S. H. World Chocolate™ proprietary and private label products, manufacturing equipment and molds, formulations, and interactive retail store/restaurant master territory licensing programs around the world. This falls in line with the global health, health freedom, and social service fundraising, marketing and branding initiatives of The Future of Medicine Foundation™ and its dedications to provide sustainable global recognition andeconomic resources to the National Health Federation(INGO of the United Nations), its sister foundation the Foundation for Health Research, and its global magazineHealth Freedom News.

NHF is the world's oldest and most respected consumer health freedom organization. It is the only INGO (International Non-Governmental Organization) recognized to speak, submit scientific research, and actively shape global policy at international meetings of the Codex Alimentarius Commission. Codex is the global seat of power established by the United Nations that sets international standards, guidelines and codes of practice for agriculture, food, beverages, and nutritional supplements. NHF President, Scott Tips, J.D. has attended more Codex meetings worldwide as chief delegate for NHF than all other health-freedom activists combined.  

The Mission of the National Health Federation: To protect the health rights and freedom of individuals and healthcare practitioners to access to safe foods and drinks, and dietary supplements in therapeutic values for optimal health, as well as freedom of choice and true informed consent in all matters concerning healthcare, treatments, and therapy, to educate consumers, producers, healthcare professionals, and government and other leaders about health and healing modalities and how to secure and preserve health and health freedom, and to provide expert and positive representation in all matters relating to health and health freedom at international Codex Alimentarius meetings.          

Know your health freedom rights!

NHF Declaration of Health-Freedom Rights The National Health Federation Declaration of Health-Freedom Rights The following rights and freedoms are basic to all individuals:

  1. The right to control our own bodies – to decide what food, drink, and medicines to take and use, and what food, drink, and medicines not to take.

  2. The right to supplement our diets with vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and enzymes without government restrictions.

  3. The right to receive alternative medicine and treatments (such as those provided by chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, and clinical nutritionists) without government restrictions.

  4. The right of alternative medical practitioners to determine and use those treatments best suited for their patients without government restrictions.

  5. The right of manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements to provide truthful research and label information about the benefits of supplements and other health aids.

  6. The right to discuss and disseminate truthful natural-health information. The FDA, the FTC, and other government agencies should not be allowed to prevent health organizations such as the National Health Federation from disseminating this vital information.

  7. Freedom from international Codex Alimentarius Commission standards that would greatly restrict all of the above rights on behalf of a small elite that has gained control of governmental health agencies. We view this and other governmental actions as the greatest threats to our health freedom today.

  8. The freedom to eat clean, fresh food without pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, poisons, or irradiation.

  9. The right to breathe clean air and to drink water free of harmful chemicals such as fluoride.

  10. The right to protect ourselves and our children from unnecessary and often dangerous, childhood vaccines.

  11. The right of our military men and women to refuse to submit to mandatory vaccines such as anthrax

  12. The right to keep our medical records private and confidential.

Join with me to know the joy of saving human and animal life:Take an action that will absolutely save the lives of human beings and animals. Look into the future of medicine in 2022 and learn how health will be returned to humanity through the most powerful Nutrition-based Health Freedom Advocacy group on earth, the National Health Federation. – Jack Craciun III

How Your Donation Will Help:

1. Protect your access to alternative health therapies and healthy medicine. 2. Protect your right to purchase the full range of dietary supplements. 3. Protect the rights of alternative doctors, chiropractors, and other healers. 4. Oppose toxins and contaminants in your food and water. 5. Support health food store owners’ right to exist. 6. Receive the only pro-health freedom representation at Codex meetings. 7. Support our participation in Codex meetings where global food standards are set. 8. National Health Federation is a 501(c)(4).

Subscribe (Free) or become a Member of the National Health Federation.

   Memberships starts at $45 annually / Corporate is $200

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