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200 Lb / 90 Kg Chocolate Temperer - Full-Auto PLC Chocolate Tempering

200 Lb / 90 Kg Chocolate Temperer - Full-Auto PLC Chocolate Tempering

Perfect for larger artisan retail operations working with real cocoa butter chocolate requiring tempering. Now with PLC TOUCH-SCREEN CONTROL for operator friendly function control.

  • Features

    • All stainless steel water-jacketed construction
    • UNIQUE water-jacketed draw-off guillotine valve for never plug performance
    • Internal pump circulates water for fast melting and conditioning
    • Easy to use
    • Load it with chocolate... push START ... Automatically melts, cools & tempers chocolate
    • Typical use: load it at night... have fully-tempered chocolate when you begin work in the morning
    • Precision PLC Touch-Screen operator control technology
    • Visual control of Melt/Cool/Temper and Agitator On/Off cycles
    • Semi-Automatic Tempering requiring operator intervention at each cycle change available as special order model
    • Quick set-up
    • Just plug it in, hook up a water source & drain, and you are good to go
    • 120V/60HZ or 240V/50Hz
    • On casters for convenient mobility
    • Easy clean-up for fast product changeover
    • Spring loaded agitator removes without use of tools
    • Designed for the medium artisan retailer making a range of products
    • Footprint 28"x 26"x 46"H (717 x 669 x 1158mm H)
    • Add a pump to transfer or deposit & integrate control into the PLC
    • Available as over/under or side-by-side systems for greater melting to tempering productivity
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