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Cooling Tables & Heating Tables

Cooling Tables & Heating Tables

For fast, even batch cooling or heating, consistently batch after batch. Water-jacketed top plate for use with tap water or water chiller. Four standard sizes with ability to join two tables together for even longer surfaces. 30 inch wide tables for small batch artisan use; 36 inch wide tables for larger S-92 FireMixer batches. Use Sizers, Levelers and Roller Cutters to cut the batch into final size pieces - right on the Cooling Table

  • Features

    • All Stainless steel construction for long life, easy cleaning
    • UNIQUE water-jacketed plate design flows water under the entire product surface
    • Pressure rated to 100 PSI
    • Maintains straightness without distortion at hot and cold temperatures
    • Leveling foot mounts
    • UNIQUE 3/4" hinged stainless steel slab bars surround the perimeter of the top
    • Loose slab bar to size smaller batches
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