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Kettle Dollies & Lifters

Kettle Dollies & Lifters

A roll-around kettle dolly on casters can make the job easier. Use a dolly to move a hot kettle from the cooker to the next stage of processing. Or use it as a staging spot for preping a second kettle with ingredients while the first kettle is on the stove. We also have a dolly with convenient Drip-Pan to store the Portable Agitator. The pan will collect any drippings off the agitator scrapers, for easier cleanup. Need to lift and pour? Consider our LifTILTruk kettle lift / bowl lift. One person can safely lift, move and pour hot kettles and mixing bowls. From table top pouring to filling hoppers up to 10 feet high, World Chocolate Inc. has a lifting solution.

  • Features

    • 18" ring for 20" diameter kettles & smaller
    • 23" ring for 24" diameter kettles & Portable Agitator
    • Convenient drip-pan option for Portable Agitator use
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