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LifTILTruk 12VDC Mobile Kettle & Bowl Lift Models 'A', 'B', 'C' & 'D'

LifTILTruk 12VDC Mobile Kettle & Bowl Lift Models 'A', 'B', 'C' & 'D'

The LifTILTruk bowl lift is a SAFE ONE PERSON lift & pour answer to handling heavy mixing bowls and other containers. Our MOBILE models "A", "B", "C" & "D" are 12VDC powered hydraulic lifts for pours from table-top up to 104 inches / 2640mm. Lift & Pour anywhere convenience, with on-board battery charger for overnight recharging using standard voltage.

  • Features

    • Lifts up to 60 gallons (200L) & up to 450 lbs. (200kg) at the touch of a button
    • Makes any lifting task easier -- lift or lower the bowl at the touch of a button
    • Makes any lifting task safer -- the lifter and its self-contained hydraulic lift system does the work
    • MOBILE - Easy to move from point of production to a point of use
    • On-Board 12VDC deep cycle battery to power hydraulic lift and electric tilt means NO POWER CORDS to drag about
    • Easy-rolling industrial casters
    • Push handle makes steering easy and accurate
    • Get smooth, accurate pouring at a wide range of heights
    • Tilt and pour at any point along vertical column
    • Pendant-style control lets the operator move to where the pour is easily seen and controlled
    • Electric tilt control gives the operator a high degree of precision during the pour
    • Motor and gear system allows for smooth tilting of even the heaviest load
    • Self-contained battery charger for nightly recharging of the on-board battery
    • Special adapters and straps allow you to lift almost any size, shape or brand of bowl pail... or kettle used in the candy, baking or chemical industries
    • Used by over 1000 commercial and retail operations across the US and in other countries - a workhorse of the candy, baking and chemical industries worldwide
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