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TR600-12 COOLING TUNNEL 12 Meters (39’5”) 43’ Total

TR600-12 COOLING TUNNEL 12 Meters (39’5”) 43’ Total


The refrigerating unit (gas R404) is used to cool the product thanks to an air looping recirculation system able to stabilize the humidity in order to obtain a perfect shiny effect. Tunnel is complete with stainless steel mesh-belt conveyor on the loading side. Both belt conveyor and mesh-belt feed speeds are adjustable.


The tunnel belt width is 24.8"(630MM) Scrapers with scrap drawers for maintaining a clean belt. The tunnel includes refrigerating units every 6M controlled by as many digital thermo regulators. Stainless steel covers in sections with cylinder lifts. *Adjustable Speed form 0 - 4 meters per minute.


Note: Installation Labor Included for the cooling tunnel.....Travel Expenses to be billed once installation is complete. 

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