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Carousel Cream Center Extruder & Cutter

Carousel Cream Center Extruder & Cutter

The Carousel Cream Center Extruder & Cutter helps the artisan candy-maker to shape and size ganache and cream based centers before dipping or enrobing.

  • Features

    • Extrude and Cut Creams, Ganache, Fudges, Marzipan, Truffles, Cookie Dough, and More!
    • Increase productivity of operator by more than 300% over any hand method of forming centers.
    • Make round, oblong, egg shape, diamond, square, or heart shape, using interchangeable nozzles.
    • Maintains uniformity of weight and shape better than any other extruder on the market.
    • Independent adjustable rates for extrusion and for cutting - repeatable sizes at the rate you want
    • Can cut 20-25 lbs per hour
    • Extruder comes with one product cylinder and one 7/8" square nozzle head. Additonal product cylinders and nozzle shapes available.
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